Like many passion projects that were born in the pandemic, Teacher began teaching on the Subtle Cantonese Traits Discord in the spring of 2020 to keep herself busy during lockdown. Surprised by over 50 people showing up in the voice channel on Discord that night, she quickly found herself hosting weekly Cantonese lessons that became known as Subtle Cantonese University. (Psst.. join the Subtle Cantonese Discord community here:

By July, the summer semester of Subtle Cantonese University launched four courses over the span of 8 weeks to cover beginner and intermediate Cantonese conversation, as well as Chinese writing. In an effort to reach more learners and bring Cantonese learning to more students, advanced classes were offered each month through Vocab Seminars that taught a concentrated list of vocabulary in specific topics, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Mental Health, Cantonese Idioms, Among Us and Lunar New Year.

After months of preparation, Subtle Cantonese Learning is currently offering a boot camp course for beginners in Cantonese from September 14th to November 2nd for Fall 2021 Semester. Register on our Eventbrite today!

For private classes, please contact Teacher directly at [email protected]

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