Is the bootcamp for me? 🤔

If your family speaks predominantly English and you do not speak much Cantonese save for simple phrases, numbers and food that you have memorized, this bootcamp is 100% for you. This bootcamp is created to provide beginners with a solid foundation of basic sentence building and everyday vocabulary that will help you speak Cantonese with more confidence.

Should I do level 1 or level 2? 🤔

If you already have a grasp of creating short simple statements, describing color and verb tenses, feel free to sign up for level 2. If your family speaks predominantly English with little Canto at home, and you do not speak much  Cantonese save for simple phrases, numbers and food that you have memorized, bootcamp level 1 is for you. Take a peek at both syllabus to see which grammar concepts you are more comfortable with. Alternatively, feel free to email us to book a quick call with us to see which class is a better fit!

Can I sign up this bootcamp for my kid(s)? 🧸

SCL loves children and hopes to produce Subtle Cantonese Kids for young Cantonese lovers! However, this bootcamp is targeted for adults to streamline their learning in 10 weeks so we do not recommend kids to take this course. Stay tuned on our social and emailing list for the latest SCL developments!

Also, Teacher (Miss Stephanie) does private Cantonese tutoring to kids of ages that help children develop a love for the Chinese language and culture. Please contact her directly here to get a quote for individual and group rates! 😉

What do I get out of the bootcamp? 🤩

Whether you are just starting out or dusting off your Cantonese learning journey, doing it in a group setting is the funnest way to learn! Our bootcamp provides the right tools and resources to be successful but the most important thing is that you will be joined by other like-minded folks who are looking to gain a stronger foothold in this tricky language and discover different methods of natural learning that can actually be applicable in anything else that you decide to pursue. Long story short, you'll learn how to learn!

Cantonese learning is HARD! How can I possibly learn so much in 10 weeks?

Polygots, just how do they do it? Well let me tell you, it's not entirely because they're geniuses. They've also mastered efficient and effective learning language strategies that allows them to retain the vocabulary and grammar without spending a lot of time!

This bootcamp is one of these strategies. From day one, you will be using and practicing what you learned which is key for retention. Even if you have zero experience with Canto, the rate of growth with  your Cantonese backed by this bootcamp is much higher and faster than that of the outdated traditional method of learning a language through rote memorization. We strongly recommend the full package of both  Bootcamp to get as much practice and lesson time possible!

Why are we using Google meets?

Our bootcamp is unique because we want to make learning Cantonese as fun as possible for everyone, particularly in this digital age. Google Meets provides compatibility with many desktop and mobile devices.

What is SCL and what outreach does SCL have to the Cantonese community? 🧧

Subtle Cantonese Learning was started by Teacher when she realized her weekly classes on Subtle Cantonese Traits Discord were quickly developing into a passion project that wanted to make the biggest possible difference for the Cantonese community. 

Our outreach efforts to the Cantonese community is best proven through our 2021 Lunar New Year Charity Gala where we raised over $2400 towards chinatowns across North America with amazing community performers and small Asian creative business sponsors. Our Gala was also featured on Global News Canada as well, which the article can be found

Watch our recorded live stream of the Gala here for the performances and games from that night!

What if I miss a class? 🛫

There are no make up classes if a class is missed. However, you can still catch up on the learning material posted by the teacher.

Please email teacher at [email protected] if you know in advanced you cannot make it to a class so she can adjust class material and group activities in advanced.

How does the certification work? ✉️

To obtain our certification of completion, you must complete the entire course and attend > 80% of the classes.


Do I need to turn on my camera? 📷

Yes! We have group activities, games and lots of pronunciation practice during class so there is a camera-on policy. Please don’t be shy! We put in the effort to make SCL events a space space for everyone to catch up Cantonese comfortably and confidently. 🙂

Do I need to turn on my microphone? 🎤

Yes, like the camera-on policy, you will need your microphone in every class for group activities, games and pronunciation practice. You may mute your microphone during lecture portions of class to not disturb other classmates but everyone is expected to turn on their microphones to participate in class discussion and activities.

What happens if I am late for class? ⌛️

If you are late for class, please join quietly so others are not disturbed. A recording of the class will be distributed for all students.

How do I ask questions during class? 🙋🏻

  1. Type your question into the chat OR
  2. Raise your hand by pressing ‘6’ or clicking on the raised hand emoji. A TA will spotlight you.


My camera / microphone is not working ❤️‍🩹

Make sure you grant camera / microphone access as prompted by your browser when using Gather. If these are disabled by default, you may need to go to your browser settings to enable access.